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Imperial college london

PhD student + MRes in Plastic Electronic Materials (Distinction)

I am currently working towards my Bioengineering PhD under supervision from Dr. Firat Guder, whose group is focused on developing low-cost, simple to use technologies for healthcare, plant and animal fields. My research involves the creation of thin, flexible and printed low-cost sensors to monitor plant disease response.

I am also part of the CDT for Plastic Electronics (Cohort 10), where I have received MRes in Plastic Electronic Materials. Within the multidisciplinary course, and as part of the wider Centre for Processable Electronics, I have attended a diverse range of lectures and presented my research.

My work has been published in Nature Reviews Chemistry, Materials Today and Sensors & Diagnostics.



Syngenta, Jealott's Hill

Industrial Trainee

As part of my third year of undergraduate, I carried out my Year in Industry in the Formulation Technology Group at Syngenta Jealott's Hill International Research Station, focusing on use of surfactants in agrochemical formulations, supervised by Dr Phil Taylor. Properties I investigated include equilibrium and dynamic surface tension, contact angle, emulsification and stability in oil-in-water emulsions, liquid crystal phases, rheology, critical micelle concentrations, adsorption isotherms and cloud point. I also performed experiments using a wide range of instrumentation including bubble pressure tensiometry, optical droplet recognition, particle sizers, dye fluorescence, microscopy and UV-vis spectrometry.

I also gained a wider knowledge of the agrochemical industry and the issues faced with food security and crop production in a changing world. Presenting work was also an important factor in this position, through regular group meetings, in Mike Rothwell Symposium for Year in Industry student at university, and through the creation of a formal report at the end of my placement.



University of Bristol

MSci Chemistry with Industrial Experience (First Class)

I carried out my Masters research project in the Bedford Group on developing novel homogeneous iron catalysts for the borylation of arenes. Skills that I developed included inert atmosphere techniques for the synthesis of extremely air and temperature sensitive complexes and handling of pyrophoric substances, analysis of paramagnetic NMR spectra and designing UV-light reaction apparatus. 

In my first and second year, I studied introductory and intermediate topics in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, as well as mathematics for chemistry, analytical chemistry and additional mathematics. I also gained a wide range of practical skills in teaching laboratories, including utilisation of Excel for uncertainty calculations and analysing data, and use of Chemdraw.



  • P. Coatsworth et al., Continuous Monitoring of Chemical Signals in Plants Under Stress, Nature Reviews Chemistry, 2023, 7, 7-25. (PDF) (

  • F. Alshabouna et al., PEDOT:PSS-Modified Cotton Thread for Mass Manufacturing of Textile-Based Electrical Wearable Sensors by Computerized Embroidery, Materials Today, 2022, 59, 56-67. (

  • Z. Yao, P. Coatsworth, et al., Paper-Based Sensors for Diagnostics, Human Activity Monitoring, Food Safety and Environmental Detection, Sensors & Diagnostics, 2022, 1, 312-342. (PDF) (


    Also: Journal Cover Photo for Nature Food (Vol. 2, Issue 12, Dec 2021)





Office & Text

Microsoft Office, LateX


Creative & Media

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

Davinci Resolve, HitFilm Express,

OBS Studio, SolidWorks, Wix

Scientific & Academic

ChemDraw, Mendeley, EndNote, Microsoft Excel, OriginPro, JMP, Matlab

Chemical synthesis

filtration, rotary evaporation, recrystallisation, column chromatography, inert atmosphere techniques


Analytical techniques

NMR, IR and UV-vis spectrometry, gas chromatography, melting point determination, optical rotation, TLC, titration


Physical chemistry

contact angle analysis, liquid crystal phase determination, bubble pressure tensiometry, microscopy, particle sizing


multiplexed potentiostat measurements (including CV and OCP)


screen printing, plotter cutter, laser cutter

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