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My creative work

On top of my scientific experience, I am also excited by a wide range of creative media work, including video recording and editing, photography, graphic design, and non-scientific writing. See below for some examples of my work, and find my list of software skills on my CV page.



Video interviews

"6 Questions With..."

During my PhD, I have created a video interview series with members of the lab to share more about the research we do and the interesting people in the lab. Through producing these videos, I have improved my filming skills with DSLRs, including composition and lighting, and my video editing skills, where I have learned how to cut together different shots from multiple cameras to create an engaging and flowing interview video.


I have created 2D animations using HitFilm Express video editing software and basic 3D animations using SolidWorks for experiment protocols and product breakdowns.

Video essays

Phil of Glimmer YouTube channel

I have a personal YouTube channel where I discuss different aspects of video gaming, including video essays on video game culture, retrospectives on older video games and interviews with gaming professionals. Creating videos for this channel has helped me improve many skills, including script-writing, filming, video editing, voiceover recording and audio processing.



Journal cover artwork

My photographic work has been featured on the cover and website of Nature Food (Volume 2 Issue 12, December 2021) and Nature Reviews Chemistry (Volume 7 Issue 1, January 2023).

scientific illustrations

I have created many illustrations and diagrams for reports and presentations using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.